Monday, April 07, 2008

memphis vs. kansas. i lose. i totally totally so totally lose.

Good freaking sweet christ, the vitriol. I mean, I can't stand Duke (who can? no one. no one can stand them. like 3 people in the world, maybe), but let's all lay off the murderous rampages against 20 year old babies. Even if they did play like total ass and Kansas kicked the everliving shit out of them.

The only thing that is allowable to cause such unfiltered rage as this, IL, was William's tie. That I can understand, and hell - I was rooting for UNC. But no one can root for that tie. Some things cannot be forgiven.

Also, will someone please explain to me how Sommer is going to win my one particular bracket, even with UCLA going all the way? Worst. Picks. By an entire group of people. Ever.


Kyle said...

It's a North Cackalack thing.

the g said...

you're a duke fan. reprehensible. it's an acc thing. :)