Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's the kind that throbs right behind my left eyeball and it sure feels unholy

Since unpleasant circumstances required that I be near the Pennsylvania Avenue around 11:30 anyway, I figured I’d stick around and watch Papa Benidicto roll by in his pop-o-matic bubble mobile. The group around me was under the impression that he was going to stop the motorcade and bless the masses in person. I just wanted a $10 Pope shirt that I could regret buying instantly and give to Salvation Army tomorrow.

No dice. He just rolled by at a good 30 mph, smiling and laughing like his bulletproof fishbowl was being pumped full of nitrous oxide. Seemed like a good guy, though.

This morning, however, I’m a little bit regretting not going to the Giant Holy Baseball Stadium. I’m not Catholic and I don’t exactly know what powers the Holy See actually possesses. But I figure if anyone can exorcise this hangover from my head, it’d be him.

Again, not Catholic, so if that sacrilege rises to Pope Bobblehead levels, I apologize.

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