Saturday, April 12, 2008

uodate 2, electric booga.... i am so tired.

after attempting to (HAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHA HA) find my luggage and filing a claim at the LV airport, (during which I witnessed an almost girl fight between dueling bachelorete parties accusing each other of cutting in line??) and then catching a cab and then waiting in ANOTHER line to check into my hotel (wee early Friday night/Sat morning check-ins in LV hotels? Cream of the crop of humanity) I finally entered my hotel room (upgraded to a bitching party pad suite! Well, for one night. Which meant for a few hours that I would not enjoy) I finally opened the door to my phat suite at 2:00 AM LV time.

Which means I was 45 minutes shy of a 24-hour travel day.

I was able to take a shower this morning (+5) four hours after my arrival to the City of Sin (-1) and then had to put on clothes I had worn for 24 hours the day before (-50).

Oh, but internet, somehow by the grace of God my bags made it to my hotel 45 minutes ago. I DO NOT KNOW HOW. I WILL WEAR CLOTHES, CLEAN ONES, THAT I OWN, TOMORROW. I will not have to find a Vegas mall tonight. I will not have to show up to a seminar tomorrow in Fredericks of Hollywood and a sparkly halter top. Things are looking up.

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