Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Until May 10thish sometime in the near future, if Work doesn't track me down and murder me in my sleep as Work has been all wonting to do recently, I'm not reading blogs, or logging onto blogger again. Such is the glory of early spring.

Not much is up, other than the fact that my spouse took the day off yesterday to deal with a wrecked car (car wreck #3 in less than 2 years, and new record?) and shampoo the carpets, which apparently were "so disgusting the cleaning fluid instantly turned black." Let's hear it for housekeeping! My mom showed up at our house last weekend and was all "smells like dog and Oust." Nice. Anyway, so he's a saint.

Congrats to CatAn who actually ran the Nashville half-marathon, unlike my friends who registered and 1) never made it on the plane or 2) spent race time doing a reverse pub crawl looking for their ID's and credit cards so they could, I dunno, FLY HOME AGAIN, because those things were apparently spewed all over Nashville in some sort of drunken haze. ("Listen, I ran 10 miles later that day when I was feeling human, so at least it kind of counts, right?") Probably not.

You don't have to continue to read if you aren't into nerd things:

Last night we spent all night playing Smash Bros. sitting on the floor, since the furniture was still piled up all over the goddamn place because of the carpet shampooing. Hey, Tom Lee: questions. So, so far Meta Knight is my favorite because of his tornado abilities, but the N keeps beating the crap out of me anyway with like: Link. I'm pissed because we all know Link is a total pansy. I need help! and clues! Also, he beat me with the Ice Climbers, so now I'm humiliated.


Tom said...

Hmm. I have to confess that my own Smash Brothers skills are still pathetically meager (I'm working on it, but have been distracted by Mariokart). And although I like Metaknight, my own favorites are Samus, Link and Kirby. Kirby's a badass, you might want to give him a try.

But when I find myself needing elite guidance and don't have easy access to a knowledgeable child, here is where I turn.

Be warned: this way lies madness.

the g said...

oh wait. I do like kirby too. he was pretty badass. I might have to switch my metaknight allegiances. I think Kirby was one of the few times I actually beat my spouse last night.