Tuesday, April 22, 2008

ice-t, he wants to interrogate you.

A break from bloggio silence to remind everyone that Robin Williams will be on SVU's 200th episode, I think next week, thereby making my life closer to complete.

If Becks and I can only puzzle out how to see Zombie Strippers this weekend, I am one step closer to God.


Tom said...

I'll only watch if you can assure me that he's playing the episode's victim.

the g said...

i'd assume he at least goes to jail for life. at the very least.

Tom said...

Hmm. But if they think they can get more guest appearances out of him, they might let him off.

"The jury just acquitted. They didn't believe one guy could leave that much hair at the crime scene."

the Nabob said...

dangit tom.

I knew there was a Belzer/X-Files/Sasquatch/werewolf joke in there somewhere.

Armsmasher said...

Did I already say here what it is that zombie strippers say?


Sommer said...

I fully expect this performance to top Williams' most recent opus, as the savior/exploiter of homeless kids possessed of precocious amounts of musical talent in August Rush.