Wednesday, April 23, 2008

South Dakota really has it's own official dessert?

The giant picture of a Smith Island cake on the front page of the Food Section today sure makes it look good but how could the official dessert of Maryland be anything but the Lady Baltimore cake? Who cares if it’s named after someone who may or may not have existed? Or maybe a book? Who knows for sure?

Firsto of all, it references the state’s fake capital right there in the name. Secondly, the “Lady” part denotes nothing but class. And even though I’ve never had one, anything with figs and nuts and boiled frosting (for some reason) should be quite delicious.

Also, for some other reason, if you google image “lady Baltimore cake” you get pictures from our very own website. (Second and third ones.)

Governor O’Malley, don’t sign this bill. It will come to no good. The ill will flowing from Baltimore will surely poison the Chesapeake Bay even further and ruin any chance those Smith Island cats have at turning their island's economy around.

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