Monday, April 14, 2008

Where have all the Father Sarduccis gone?

I’m sure the Popemobile is some sort of high-performance, bullet-proof, multi-million Pope-dollar machine. But to me it looks like a mid-90s Suziki Sidekick with a Mercedes logo slapped on the grill. Or The Homer.

Also, what’s the deal with his voice? It’s too high pitched for my ecclesiastical tastes. I like my Popes all raspy-voiced like John Paul II or this guy. Trust me, Benedict XIII didn't smoke any filtered cigarettes.

And also, do you think I can get business cards that list my job as “antipope”?

And also also, the best papal-ly word is “schism.” Its fun to say.

I kid now. But you know in a week I’ll be suffering from post-papal depression.


Blogs t r e t c h said...

The word "papal" has always sounded vaguely dirty/unpleasant to me. Maybe some association with pap smear. I don't know. I also sometimes misread it as "paypal." kthxbai

the Nabob said...

I've gotten post-Paypal depression before too. I really shouldn't have bid $600 for my Wii right before Xmas on Ebay.