Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Do I really need to go see a doctor to take these stitches out? I’ve done all sorts of minor/elective/cosmetic self-surgery before with things like nail clippers and shish kabob skewers. How would this be different?

Update: Success! As far as I can tell.. Screw you co-pay.


catherine said...

my mom took stitches i had out with, like, a sterilized tweezer and mini nail scissors, and it was fine. go for it!

the Nabob said...

your go-for-it attitude is just the type of encouragement I need!

T-15 said...

It may not be the actual act of removing the sutures which necessitates the need of medical expertise, rather a final evaluation of wound and determination of whether additional medical care is needed. In short, if your wound is oozing mysterious goo and smells like cabbage, you might want to go visit the doctor for the procedure.