Wednesday, May 02, 2007

yawn city

-- Two things about this:

1. Parade magazine is online?

2. Real life imitates How I Met Your Mother plotline, sort of, only much cooler? Yes, I watched it on Monday night, even though I swore to never watch it again.

It's been a giant family joke since, well, forever, that I am adopted. And my real family is not only blonde, but very very rich. Probably my real family has a room in their mansion dedicated to giftwrapping. Fuck it, according to my mother, I'm a Spelling.

Where was I.

Oh yeah! Yr dad's on the A-Team????? Dude. Nice.

-- In other news:

Let's just call it was it really is: "Boundary Street Writers Workshop" now officially redubbed "Fake-Angry Drunk Fighting Workshop." (now with even more smoke breaks!)

-- In continuing Dplan coverage:

get rich!

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