Thursday, May 17, 2007

I got a Honda that jingle jangle jingles

The G’s little grey motor coach developed a sexy new rattle a few weeks back, so we did what responsible car owners do and flat out ignored it. Flat out. When you turned the engine over you were treated to the distinct sound of metal jangling against other looser metal followed moments later by my darling wife going “Siiiggghhh. Will we ever own nice things? Ever? Siigghh.”

Well, good news my child bride! I was driving around this morning, felt a loud banging under my feet and saw this pirouetting in the middle of a Route 7 intersection.

Problem solved! The rattling ceased immediately. And the car didn’t crash or catch on fire or fall apart like a scene in a madcap 70’s road comedy starring Tim Conway.

Now, the only concern is that the one guy on our softball team who actually knows something about cars saw this picture and said we should probably get it fixed immediately or the car’s “suspension” may fall off the car’s “frame.” But he also adds that it should take about 20 minutes and I could do it myself with $4 worth of parts from the Home Despot.

Yeah! Project.

Anybody need a ride home?


Anonymous said...

No... There are some sites out there who fix for complete car parts like my honda crv parts.

Anonymous said...

Home Despot?

the Nabob said...

Just a little nickname for them. I've seldom had a positive experience at the Home Depot.