Thursday, May 03, 2007



- "He also praised an Alex Rodriguez home run by saying it 'traveled as far as the railroad featured so prominently in Anna Karenina,' and referred to LeBron James as 'LeVronsky' in an apparent nod to the heroine's lover."

- oh man, joke/skits on mixes. Those were the days. I think I put "Gordon's Answering Machine Message" on at least 800 tapes I made for people. Ugh. I apologize.

* * *

On the drive in, we started talking about what a bee most likely cranks up on his Ipod as he takes one last long, lingering look at the hive he's about to abandon. Honestly, I'm not terribly worried about the bees. They're disappearing, not dying, right? That's what Bee Lady on NPR said. Poof, gone. Probably they're all just moving to California for the next 10 years to write screenplays; they'll be back for their HS reunions, just the right time to for a chilly-yet-romantic homecoming run-in with the Girl Bee that Got Away/ Got Left Behind on Prom Night.

Anyways. That Guided by Voices album, sure. Jesus n Mary Chain's Just Like Honey (whoa Scarjo. just... whoa), maybe that one Joseph Arthur song, also Tupelo Honey.. The N suggests Blind Melon's No Rain (ba dum dum, ching). Anything I'm forgetting? The Bee Gees? The Hives?


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