Friday, May 04, 2007

Looking for other explanations

Stargate SVU, or whatever the show with MacGyver is called, is a show I’ve always considered one of the dimmer stars in the TV/movie sci-fi constellation. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an entire show. The only time I’ve watched some of any single episode is when the G makes me clean the room where the dog sleeps and the TV in there doesn’t have cable. Golf or pro basketball or Stargate? So I try Stargate even though it’s always confusing and that one giant guy has a medallion on his head in some episodes but not in others and sometimes they are underwater and every planet they go to only has peasants on it. Also, Beau Bridges is on it for some reason.

Can anyone like that show enough that they would honor their fandom on their license plate? I may be way off base here but that’s all I could assume when we saw “STG8 LVR” on some dude's car this week.

Any other suggestions on what it may be?

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