Thursday, May 10, 2007

morning commute, chapter 22

The N: (under breath): I wish I could date a computer model.
The G: what?
The N: nothing.
The G: I heard you. You said you wish you could date a computer model. What the hell is that supposed to mean? Does this mean like, a Barker's Beauty demonstrating a computer (does Vanna-Whitesque hand motion) or like, a.... (blanking on computers) ... Tandy?
The N: Tandys are too old.
The G: Tandys are the cougars of personal computers! So what then? Mac?
The N: Too many tattoos.
The G: Dell? ... No, not a Dell. Dell's are square.
The N: Yeah, but Dell's aren't that old.
The G: But they are boring, right?
The N: I guess so. Dell's are like the girl when you find out she isn't Mormon, you're all "Really?? Not at all? Huh." *

* an aside: 90% of the Mormons I personally know are EPICALLY un-boring.

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the Nabob said...

For reference, I was responding to a radio weather report that said their computer models were now predicting things 28 years into the future. You were the one who heard it out of context.

Also, I thought you meant Jessica Tandy.