Tuesday, May 15, 2007


the problem with working in an office of v. few is that when your day goes wrong, there is only a select handful of folks that can then bear the brunt of my insane wrath re: all things career. So hey there, spousal unit! Sorry I almost kung-fu kicked you right off the Memorial Bridge with my raging tiny feminine fists of steel tin foil n tears!

In other better news, I went and bought the most decadent dinner ever because of my insanely good mood: strawberry lemonade, brie, and chocolate-covered blueberries. Apparently when yrs truly has a bad day at work she magically transforms into Marie Antoinette. If MA were big into sulking and watching marathons of Miami Ink. (Oh lordy, speaking of. Remind me to tell you something about that sometime soon.)

my god I need vacation, stat. who wants to go to chicago in june.

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~*~Snappz~*~ said...

*lol* @ the last line of the first paragraph :o) awesome!