Tuesday, May 01, 2007

all i ever say now

dplan review @ pfork.

No, i'm not done talking about it.

ALSO:: Kanishka alerted me to the fact that I am an unapologetic plagiarist w/r/t blog entry titles. Oops. Consider this carefully retitled: "the fatgirl keeps onward!" Or even better: "One too many blows to the head."


catherine said...

pitchfork needs to get some better photographers, or at least pay flickr folks. drew's photos of the friday show were like 10 billion times better, and kyle routinely kicks their asses. also, it really bugs me for some reason to read a dplan review on the site that so thoughtlessly trashed morrison's solo work.

anyway! that said, i wish i could go see the dismemberment plan every weekend.

The Governess said...

i totally agree. their photographs, for pretty much EVERY SINGLE CONCERT REVIEW, suck ass.

And as far as his solor work being trashed, well. Like I say, I always take pfork stuff with a big heaping spoon of salt. But I still like reading all the coverage, no matter where it's printed. I havent seen any other articles but this one and DCist, but maybe I havent been looking hard enough either.

catherine said...

oh yeah, i mean i still read all the reviews. it just bugged me that they're still so effusive (correctly so, of course) over this show but it's like oh yeah nevermind the fact we kind of trashed morrison's solo career singlehandedly. umm... anyways, i'm just being melodramatic because of my huge morrison crush.

Kanishka said...

Not a plagiarist per se, that would imply copying. Definitely more of a "great minds" sort of thing.

The worst part of the Pitchfork photos is that they are so all over Travis, as if the other band members were only marginally there at most. In contrast w/how Travistan was received, well, there's a disconnect, no?