Monday, May 07, 2007

The Noid

I guess I could look up the ad agency that’s producing the latest series of Domino’s Pizza commercials but let’s keep this impersonal and just say they are doing a terribly poor job. They make want to eat the frozen $4.99 pizzas from Safeway with the crusts made from cardboard and the watery tomato sauce that doesn’t come from the fancy glass jars but the big metal cans with the cheap paper yellow label and the big tomato stamped on them. You will remember them from camp or your grandmother’s neighbor’s house.

Exhibit 1 – The one where a big piece of furry fudge comes to the front door and gets chocolate all over a little girl and ruins her pretty outfit.

Exhibit 2 – The one where three roommates sit around a steaming pizza and praise it based on their own exaggerated and disturbing facial features.

Exhibit 3 – The most recent one where two guys discuss their gross cookie based facial hair after eating an Oreo Dessert Pizza.

None of these make me want to order from Domino’s. Two of them make the G dry heave. And the last one ruined my lunch today because the Queen’s hat looks like a giant Oreo Dessert Pizza and it made me gag on the butterscotch Handi Snack I brought in because I was Mondays make me feel blue.

I took two pictures of TV when the queen was visiting the WH. In the first one you can see the hat clearly. The one above is all blurry but it makes it look like the Prez is about to chow down on some delicious Oreo dessert hat.

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the g said...

#1 was actually called "fudgy" or something and looked like fecal matter.