Monday, May 21, 2007

midnight in the garden of good and violin

so Andrew Bird is pretty fantastic, right? think jeff buckley with a serious whistling skill. and a violin. and guitar. And some serious early-college summer SNZ flashbacks. and a sock monkey. and other awesome things.

The N would like to register a hearty "shut the hell up" to the girls standing behind us, who began bitching as soon as AB started over a few times on a particular song. "God, enough already. Lets just pick up where you left off." Okay, ladies, ladies. You obviously didn't grasp what he was doing up there, with the whole recording and playing back thing. So see, like, if he "godkeptgoingalreadyjeezthisissoannoying" it would have meant that mistake would loop through the entire song. So chillax. Go get a beer or something. By n by, yr forever 21 top is hideous. And yes, I know where it's from.

On a good note: there was a lot of short people there, so even in the way back I had a great view.

To review: Andrew Bird last night was great and you should have been there. A quick note to the crowd from the G: STOP GOING ON FIRST DATES TO CONCERTS. Jesus, people.

Oh, also as we were leaving the N inadvertantly pissed off some poor local lead singer by not taking his free CD. Dude, chillax. Here is how you start a fanbase: by not flippin yr shit when someone doesnt take a free CD.

* * *

i'd try to talk about my week/weekend beyond that, but frankly, i'm exhausted. i don't know how you yng whippersnappers even do it. There was baseball and parties and drinking and tailgating and girly things and visitors and a sleepover where K and I tried to explain the concept of "what not to wear" to my mom. Long story.

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