Wednesday, December 06, 2006

we didn't go to concerts this year

If everyone else jumped off a bridge would you?

1. The Wrens @ Black Cat, Halloween
Fucking retardly awesome.

2. The Hold Steady @ Black Cat, February
See above. Really really really rilly rill for rill amazing. I don't care what Ryan Avent says. :) This show was, granted, better than last month's effort.

3. Head Roc @ Ft. Reno
Only because the N and the D and I took a 3 and a 4 year old to this concert, which is pretty fantastic of us in a "we're-totally-unfit-to-procreate-and-we-know-it" kind of way. Also, kickass dreadlocks. Actually, anything at Fort Reno is on the list because it's Fort Reno!! Meredith Bragg, Benjy Ferree, Etc: Heads up!

4. Okkervil River @ the Ottobar
I love these guys.

5. The Eels @ 9:30 Club
The show itself was great, and would really have only been better had the giant-assed guy in front of us with the extensive flatulance problem been, oh.. I dunno, executed. Which reminds me - I've been cracking up about this NPR story since yesterday's morning commute, where they described a plane that had to land because of "unusual fumes." Turns out they found matches, and some lady had been lighting them during the flight to cover a BO problem. Quoth the airline rep: "She had a medical condition in which she was not able to control the quality of the air around her." That is the best news statement of the MILLENIUM, folks.

6. Middle Distance Runner @ The Baltimore Marathon
When was the last time you were one of three people watching DC's darlings at 9:30 in the morning in a parking lot in running shorts eating free fig newtons? Never, that's the last time. And they still brought it.

7. G. James and Deleted Scenes @ DC9
I am one of the few and bizarre who actually likes Georgie James less the more I listen to them (sorry, I know.) But that's okay, I'm sure they are very nice people. Deleted Scenes, though? I have a super creepy old lady crush on them.

8. French Toaast @ Black Cat
Actually, I didn't see this, I''m speaking for the N. I guess I could also put Rancid into this category, too.

and the whatever:

- New Porn and B&S @ 930 remain unranked, becauase frankly, Mr. Newman, you guys sucked it up big time that night.

- Beck, becuse I am the loser who left 2 minutes before doors opened, after standing in line for 2 hours. Who's rad? I'm rad.

- Once again, did not make it to MacRock this year. GOD.

- Wilco is always good. We see them 700 times a year. They never fail, but they don't make lists because they are Wilco.

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