Tuesday, December 26, 2006

fairytale of dc-metro area

Besides a soul-rending case of depression over my ineptness at gift-giving, I came away with some pretty sick loot this year. A pair of boots i will never take off, an ASU teeshirt that just says STATE in giant letters, a messenger bag, veronica mars dvds so i can, 8 years too late, figure out what the hell you people are talking about, some books, and a Luche Libre mask (Blue Demon, for those interested.) I plan on wearing it to work every day of January. Related, my new boots look suspiciously like wrestling Asics, so I'm pretty sure that my mother and husband have made some sort of pact to influence my next career move. Like I said, sick loot.

Happy birthday, baby Jesus (who, according to some cousins's offspring, "comes down the chimney with Grandpa to bring presents." No one is correcting that. )

I'm actually at work today. Yr tears can start at any time now.

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