Thursday, December 14, 2006

Man, you been a naughty boy, you let your face grow long

News flash:

After some serious QT with my television set last night, I have decided: who cares about dogs? Not me. My dog? Frankly, after over a year++, he is still not earning his keep. I ask him to fold one load of laundry while we're gone during the day. Or sweep the kitchen. This is not rocket science. Instead, he just flops around the couch watching his stories and taking an occasional TV break to munch on some antiques. Ass.

My new obsession is "Growing Up Walrus." Holy freaking crap, walruses! Giant skinbags who's faces resemble John Bolton, or my dad-in-law! They do tricks! I LOVE YOU WALRUSES. You are making me roll over and die of cuteness. I totally need me a walrus.

Almost as cute as walruses: K's niece, so enamored of meerkats that she dressed up like one for Halloween. Sure, sure. You've got your standard-issue princesses, a punk-rocker or two, maybe a hippy. But a 9-year old after my own heart is the one who makes a statement: do not be lame, embrace yr inner meerkat.


ryan said...

Man, that's too bad. Our dog walks himself.

The Governess said...

he also wears clothes, avent. i could make some sort of comment about people who dress their pets, but i wouldn't want to offend your wife, who i happen to find charming. ;)

ryan said...

To be fair, most of the time he just ties the sweater around his shoulders.

tom said...

...while yachting.

G, are you familiar with Meerkat Manor? It's pretty compelling. And I imagine it'd bee great to write for -- every week the cameramen would dump a hundred hours of footage of meerkats scampering around onto your desk, and then it'd your job to interpret it. I think it must allow for a lot of creative freedom -- the alleged family dynamics at work in the star Meerkat tribe were nearly Shakespearean in scope during the episodes I've seen.

tom said...

whoops, Ryan beat me to the punch at his own site. Well, either way, MM: recommended.

The Governess said...

totally familiar.

and familiar with the movie "Junebug," which while kind of girly and sweet, has an amazing performance by Amy Adams, whose character has a meerkat charm bracelet.

Brunch Bird said...

"I was born in Japan."
..."You were not."