Tuesday, December 19, 2006

there's a light in yr eyes that is shining

Every year, my friend Justin, who has better taste than me in most everything except for haircuts, sends me a padded envelope with his year-end mix CD. I am too lazy to make mixes anymore (I really stopped caring once my Mom learned how to burn CDs - I thnk we're all in agreement that cassettes hold the real magic.) My poor Honda doesn't have the capacity to handle the extreme hottttttness that is the Governesspod, so I end up listening to the same years-past mix CDs he has previously jammed in his Christmas cards (woot woot, 2002!) a few D-Plan discs, and a v. v. worn copy of "99.9 F" I picked up for 22000 lira. (Sure, it gets old, but it's still a great album.) They live under the front seat of my car with the fossilized McD's french fries. All cases are, obviously, broken into tiny clear plastic daggers from years of me slamming on the brakes w/ them lurking underneath. Crunch crunch.

(Full disclosure: neither the N or I have driven my car in days/weeks, and so it sits in front of the house slightly abandoned, a defacto storage unit filled with giant blocks of styrofoam, towels covered with muddy dogprints, and empty shopping bags. So, right now, I'm just assuming those 4 or 5 CD's are still in there. We're disgusting.)

So, excitement! New blood for the questionably-working car CD player!

* * *


Lloyd, I'm Ready to be Heartbroken - Camera Obscura
We Used to Vacation - Cold War Kids
Pull Shapes - The Pipettes
Smash Your Head - Girl Talk
Skeleton Suit - Birdmonster
Did I Step on Your Trumpet - Danielson
Rivalry - Figurines
Launch Yrself - Adem
To Go Home - M. Ward
The Us Beneath - Fog
The Zookeepers Boy - Mew
Monsters - Band of Horses
Shade & Honey - Sparklehorse
Walk in the Park - Oh No! Oh My!
Kissing Families - Silverspun Pickups
Back in the Day - Figurines
Us Ones In Between - Sunset Rubdown
I Called You Back - Bonnie Prince Billy

and last and least:

What's This? - Fall Out Boy

* * *

We won't discuss that last addition.

Anyhoos, this comes just in time, because I admitted to someone just the other day that I recently downloaded "Fool in the Rain" unironically. Getting old hard? Preach on, brah.

UPDATE: Finished with first round of listening - this is some seriously pansy music, even for well renowned pansy such as myself. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but holy crap, where is the rock? At the vry. least, this has reaffirmed my like of Silverspun Pickups, so that's good.

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ryan said...

You know what would make that CD better? Some The Knife.