Friday, December 01, 2006

insane clown posse

1. Thangs to read: Sketchfighter, Didion on Cheney, Color Commentary.

Also, a site I found when I googled "Clown College Pics." I'd link to it, but it might give the collective Internet a heart attack. Should you choose to follow my path, I'd seriously consider your faith in God before clicking that link. I've spent 45 fascinating, breathtaking, and slightly horrifed minutes on that page.

2. Neglected to mention - my bro's GF brought this to Thanksgiving dinner. I was unaware that our monster had some sort of brew-fame attached to his visage.

3. Last night, i saw a business-dressed woman pushing a doll in a miniature stroller down 21st st. no child with her. actually, no children anywhere. in my mind, I have this fantastic scenario playing out, where she would rush the doll into the GW emergency room and scream "MY BABY!"

4. 8 days and counting til my spouse experiences ingesting a Memphis catfish dinner alongside my father. It is a truly disgusting experience not to be missed, and only for the strong of heart. Naturally, I can't wait.


tom said...

(assuming we're talking about Traci)

Wow. I've never been able to understand why people are scared of clowns. But sexy clowns? In that case, I can understand the terror.

Also, she appears to have once worked for my friend Jeff's uncle. Weird.

The Governess said...

total sexy clown.

Silent Bon said...

You don't understand the Jokers Cards.

Juggalo 4 Life!