Tuesday, December 12, 2006

top o the pops


- Top 50 Music Videos

- The Economist Books o' the Year

- Top Movie Posters

- Top College Photography

- Top Gadgets Nerds Love

- Top Cat Fights

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I am excited that Brandy Augerback Agerback Agerbeck has condensed all her GF work onto one site- maybe I am just dumb, but I couldn't find it all in one place bfore. Although I haven't looked at her site in a long time. Seriously, it's like a dream job. GF was my favorite class in college even though it was taught by a prof who was clearly out of his gourd, and this is probably the only book I kept from school that I will occasionally still open.

Oh, here's a question totally unrelated to anything I typed above: you think my neighborhood association newsletter would dig a monthly column? I'm gunning to be the Jean Teasdale of the inner NoVa burbs.


Brandy said...

Hey, thanks for the link! I'm glad you enjoy my GF work. That page has been there quite a long time, but I did recently add a bunch of stuff.

Wait, you had a GF class?? I'd love to talk to that out-of-his-gourd prof and see what he taught!

I hope all is well,

p.s. It's Agerbeck, not Augerback. :^)

The Governess said...

agerback! i suck!

Brandy said...

Sooo close... Agerbeck.

The Governess said...