Wednesday, August 29, 2007

larry, darryl & darryl

Oh man, and Larry Craig! Be gay, Larry. Just be gay.

Unrelated but the LC story made me Idaho-nostalgic:

A coworker lived with her parents in a very nice double wide (with porch) at the foot of a small mountain range/cliffs. Every year there is a hanggliding competition there, every few weeks there is some sort of wolf/mountain lion/bear sighting. She and her parents owned 3 or 4 old Chihuahuas that liked to sleep on your head/pee on furniture. They were all named things like Cottonball and Buttercup and Sweet Pea. Usually the mangy rodent-dogs weren't allowed outside, but sometimes they'd leave the little demons on the porch.

When S. came into work the next morning, I asked her what she did the night before, and in the most nonchalant voice ever she said: "eh, my nieces and I spent an hour looking for Cuddles until we realized a mountain lion had gotten him. It was kind of sad. Then we watched Britney Spears videos until I had to put the girls to bed."

S. had owned Cuddles since she was 6, by the way.

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