Thursday, August 16, 2007

Just because you spout crazy in the privacy of your own car doesn’t mean it will stay private.

I publicly challenge the G to defend her statement from this morning that Slinkys (Slinkies?) are as dangerous as any of the other recently recalled toys; lead paint, poop flavored magnets, etc. I inferred from her convoluted ramblings that “pinching” would be the major threat.

The forum is yours, my dear.


the g said...

whoa now HOLD UP. I NEVER said "AS dangerous." I said "could be construed as dangerous" and I mostly only said that b/c of a fleeting mental vision of some small stupid creature, say a baby or our dog, figuring out how to hang themselves via Slinky.

Also, pinches hurt.

ryan said...

I submit that, if ingested, a Slinky would be as dangerous as a magnet poo pellet.

the g said...

thank you, ryan.

Kriston said...

[T]he Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has become aware of toy products containing small, powerful rare-earth magnets* that pose unique health hazards to children (4,5). Since 2003, CPSC staff members have identified one death resulting from ingestion of these magnets and 19 other cases of injuries requiring gastrointestinal surgery. This report describes three selected cases and summarizes the 20 cases of magnet ingestion identified by CPSC that occurred during 2003--2006. Caregivers should keep small magnets away from young children and be aware of the unique risks (e.g., volvulus and bowel perforation) (Figure 1) that magnets pose if ingested. When evaluating children who have ingested objects, health-care providers should be aware of potential complications if magnets might be involved.

1. U.S. Centers for Disease Control, "Gastrointestinal Injuries from Magnet Ingestion in Children—United States, 2003–2006". December 8, 2006. [Link]