Thursday, August 30, 2007

it is always blogs fault

I know I am all about linking VI news stories today (please see: Ricky Bobby Baby Jesus the dog) but this cannot be ignored:

Chain of Tragedy

Now I do not want to treat the topics of depression or heroin addiction or wedding crashing lightly, but:

NEWSWEEK: So far the coverage of Owen Wilson's reported suicide attempt has seemed fairly reasonable and not too lurid. But what about Internet gossip sites and blogs? Are they a new way for misguided information to spread?

BLOGS! STOP MAKING PEOPLE WANT TO BE LIKE OWEN WILSON. Why are you guys such sucky assholes all the time? Blogs, answer me.

Also, I ate at Red Rocks pizzeria place last night in Columbia Heights and it was pretty good, even if they did have chair shortage, which was weird.

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