Thursday, August 16, 2007


I will be in Chicago from 3 pm today til... I can't remember... on Sunday. This trip already involves some sort of transgender'd Asian food service scheme, 1:00 AM sketch comedy, and deadly old-lady Aerosole wedge heels with the rubber bottom coming off, but they are something fierce comfy so I'm wearing them anyway. ALSO I FORGOT MY CAMERA.

It's the old boys network wknd vs. K and me (& maybe a temporary girlfriend of aforementioned boys), all well past our prime and yet dangerous*. Except for the temporary girlfriend, they usually average around a spritely 22. also air and water show is apparently in town, and a Cubs game maybe? So I guess it's law we have to go pick up sailors on the lakefront? Terrified.

I will try not to die or end up in jail. Key word: "try." The chances of me passed out on some Wicker Prk floorboards or a strangers house in wrigleyville? Dunno yet. Drunken running man? We can assume anything at this point. I might make scrambled eggs on Sunday morning.

The N, alternately, will be in Canada (not joking), drinking with/hitting on 18 year old coeds who drunk-drove up from Detroit; no need to worry about him.

* ("A slinky is just a javelin that has yet to uncoil." Thanks for backing a girl up, Linkins!)

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