Monday, August 13, 2007

"i think i might like Feist. Is Feist for pussies? Do I get docked 10 points for Starbucks rock? Is she hot? These are all things I should know." *

Late summer/Fall is shaping fairly well. there's a few shows that i can't even be bothered to list right now that I'd like to see (i missed white rabbits this weekend), i have tix for OR on 9/30 and spoon on 10/22; I'm trying to decide if a Monday night drive up to Baltimore is worth it for Pleeseasaur, and Capps is pressuring me into a sultry night of Eyeball Skeleton on Thursday if I can figure my shit out in time.

I think I'm out on New Pron this time around, Vox trot's a def. maybe as is Girl Talk. Stiff Little Fingers? (VH1's "You Oughta Know" tour????? who the fuck is Brandi Carlile??????????????) Lucero? Are the Rosebuds worth it? Answers, people, answers.

* (not responsible for subject line using "starbucks", "hot", and "pussies.")

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Kriston said...

I'll drive up for the Pleese witcha