Monday, August 13, 2007


so i come back from vacation and what's the first thing i do? okay, second thing, after deleting 340 emails about getting a rolex/bigger penis (no thanks on both counts)? schedule vacation again. I'm going to chiboogie this weekend, it will be a thousand YAYs. Fortunately, I am going to visit a fellow unhealthy lazy boozehound. Unfortunately, my other travel partner is a runner. She can wake me up upon her return from however many miles she has to run a 6 am (CRAZY.)

TR: I know, she runs. Great. You know what I do? Watch "Who's the Boss?" reruns on and read about the "hyphy" rap movement on wikipedia. Then I eat.

in other news, i have uploaded 240 brit photos out of a potential 5000. i have edited out all the ones where i am super fat. Do the math. Dude, I ate bacon and chcolate for 2 weeks and did not look in a mirror ONCE, who wouldn't edit those out.

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