Thursday, August 30, 2007

Also, they play the type of shows that require roads being closed around Ballston Commons and wristbands

Once, when I was younger and not afraid to talk to women who weren’t my girlfriend lest she find out later, I struck up a conversation with a young woman at a NoVa house party. And even though she was cute, she was also monstrous bitch. Demeaning and demanding, she got upset when I wasn’t impressed by her claims that she was in a band and that they were famous and I should have heard of them. Classic, future psycho-ex-girlfriend behavior. It would be better if I just walked away and called my current, Idaho park ranger girlfriend, which I eventually did, a few weeks later.

Truth be told, though, I had heard them play before but feigned stupidity because, 1) they were playing in someone’s basement and 2) they weren’t very good and 3) even though they were playing in basements and were not very good, the lead singer was still acting like a monstrous bitch and snapped at anyone who came to close to her instrument with a drink.

Naturally, it kind of soured my whole impression of them. If anyone ever asked if I knew anything about this band, I told them to stay away from Iota whatever night they were playing.

Obviously, any concert promoter sending Pygmalion cold emails asking us to plug this woman’s band on our blog wouldn’t know any of this. We never would. But since I figure any press is good press, I just ignored his request instead of writing a post about how much the band sucks.

Also, I only check the Nabob account about once I month so I missed bad-mouthing the show by a few weeks anyways.

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