Friday, August 24, 2007

employee of the century

Am I so done with Pitchfork, or have... I dunno... just changed a reader? Eh, whatever.

I'm bored. I've spent most of the morning WORKIN HARD. Googling things like "remote fishing village mexico commercial property for sale," watching You Tube videos on ghost riding the whip in heelies (thanks Tom for that part of my brain I'll never get back), idly fuckin 'bout on Flickr, IMing people on how best to gut a fish/ and how delicious frosted miniwheats are ("Kriston: i know. they are genius like sandwiches are genius. such a good idea. tiny frosty sugar hay bales").

You know what screw this. I'll be sleeping on a friends couch in Baltimore til Sunday if anyone needs me, which you won't.

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