Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"You know how every Woody Allen movie has a Woody Allen character in it, even if Woody Allen isn’t playing him?"

- I am recently more than a little obsessed with Amy Ross. Her Tiny Showcase deal sold out last night in less than a snap of a finger, it was upsetting because who doesn't love goats! and magnolias! We have a blank wall behind the couch in the basement, currently exploding with Wilco posters, my new daydream is to have her come over and paint BD blooming from a gardenia base instead.

- Is it anti-woman to have a newfound problem with Laura Prepon? Gaaahhh, she used to be all red-head-smokin, sexy to the serious and normalish even while sexy, and throaty and crushable, even in the movie "Slackers"* which I secretly semi-love and will reference ocassionally by asking friends if their psycho exes have made a hair doll of them recently. Now sweet sweet Laura P. is ghostly, same-color head to toe (blondy-blandy, like yrs truly comes by naturally) and too thin and starring in potentially the WORST SHOW ON TELEVISION; and not even "worst show" like "Slackers" is "comically the worst movie because it stars a child runway model and Devin Sawa".... it is really the worstest. Television like "October Road" (no, you aren't allowed to ask why I saw it. Okay, it was an internet mistake I couldn't turn off, I'm watching and gawking and I can't believe it's really real? It's some sort of nightmare? It is "Love Monkey II: The Reckoning?" And yet it's STILL ON THE ABC SCHEDULE, 2 shows in!!!!) should never, ever be allowed to air. EVER.

- So, the thing with "Grindhouse". I still haven't seen it. You'd think I'd love it, right? But I've decided Rose McGowan is totally a mean girl, the kind of girl who picked on nerds in junior high gym class. You know she was. I can't condone that. Also, review I laughed at.

- The N and I will be at Velvet Lounge tonight. I should be packing instead, but. City Veins, taking over your city veins one needle stab at a time! Or something! I sacrifice at the altar of Local Rock gods, that they may bring excellent sound control and ample appropriate rock feedback and flowing bud light and a rousing ovation from friends and warm weather for crops to grow, or whatever it is the gods do for us here in Chocolate City.

* IMDB Plot Keywords: "Nose Bleed / Caught Masturbating / Cheating / College Life / Swimming Pool." You know if that doesn't explain college life in 10 words or less, what does.

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The Deceiver said...

Qu'est que c'est? You watched SLACKERS, but are shy on GRINDHOUSE? Blogga, PLEASE. You are making a mistake.

OTOH: I thought it was LOVE MONKEY II: THE _REAPING_, actually. But you're right, you're right. The "reaping" is what happens to my brain anytime Ellen Pompeo opens her fool mouth--err...I mean, MOUF.