Tuesday, April 10, 2007

let's leave work early


Sometimes, years later, people you thought you knew you surprise you with their great newfound... gentleness. Eating Thai food across the table from someone who you used to be (meekly) kind of afraid of (penchant for Bloodhound Gang, nunchucks, tight-fitted tees, sunglasses in study hall, copious aural feedback in place of knowledge re: the actual instrument/music, red-faced temper, etc.) now a decade later and talking about diapers and Netflix with total confidence: because that's exactly how he wanted his life to turn out. Might make no sense, but it's pretty great.

Also after said dinner & 2 beers with old pals, I came home and GUESS WHO BOUGHT ME EASTER CANDY ON SALE. (! ! !) Whopper eggs, people. Besides bunny ears and candy bowls shaped like baby chickens and like, easter decorations involving tulips, they are my holiday kryptonite. (anything involving Halloween doesn't count, because we all know that's more than a holiday, that's a way of life.)


If you know of a good kennel/dogcare/etc place that takes on... difficult cases... and pampers them anyways and such, please to be contacting me. We will be out of the US for 9 terribly long days, and BD is about to have his universe rocked by the terrible world of kenneling. With strangers, ommgggzzzzzz. In other BD news, my boy is suffering from a tiny ear infection and is shaking his head so hard and often he has actually rendered himself stupider than before. You thought it wasn't possible, but here we stand, severely brain damaged. He has ear drops. We have set high comic standards with the admin of such drugs. Woeful, that hound.


Ryland Bouchard is a wierd lil guy with kind of weird lil music, but i'm a fan of "on vacation." I dont know why. Better than the cold war kids though. (sorry?)

Also, I've recently rediscovered my IPod (thanks to Gp for fixing it when it decided to freeze up all asshole-like.) Go listen to "Sancho Panza" by the Plastic Constellations. So good.


In other baby chicken news, one of my BFFs is such a prolific procreator, I have stopped visiting her/these infants in the hospital every time they arrive. God, every nine months like clockwork it seems. Cute as buttons, people, but I'm only one woman. One sucky, sucky, bad friend woman. Welcome to the world BG. May I always have gum, may your older brother and sisters not beat you into bloody oblivion. At least not until you can hold yr head up on your own. Head control is the first line of defense, or so I've heard.


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