Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Heart and Sole

Um. Wow?

(I believe "Fact10" is the catalog number for the album Unknown Pleasures.)

From MJ:

It's either:
- the first sign of an impending apocalypse
- the first sign of an impending cross-platform marketing campaign for the upcoming Joy Division movie
- the co-opting of a truly countercultural symbol for marketing/sales purposes
- the death of Peter Saville's career
- the rebirth of Peter Saville as some sort of mythical figure for people who will buy it
- the first sneaker aimed at the precise demographic of 37-45 year old British men who have basements full of orderly rows of LPs, shrinkwrapped and sealed tight.

I haven't decided which one yet.


Kriston said...

I really, really like those shoes, but I'm not a huge Joy Division fan. What does this say about me? Can I get a discount, since I'm not buying them for the Joy Division tie-in?

the g said...

"Here is an interesting sneaker if you’re a fan of New Balance or English rock band Joy Division."

Totally and either/or situation. You're probably fine.