Tuesday, April 24, 2007

gangster wrap-up

Vegas never changes, really - it spreads out more w/ each visit, the magic kind of fades into nothingness in less n less time and the dinginess is ever more apparent. But the monorail still is great, just because it's the monorail (!), and the cab drivers are always friendly, way friendlier than any other town, and I saw Spamalot. Also, work went relatively well depsite a severe language barrier and unions. Oh man, LV unions.

Then I flew through Denver for a night and ate dinner ("the Gangster Wrap") with my friend B. (+ posse) who is great and who I would set up with every single female I know in this town if only he'd move here, and then saw a band called The New in Denver's version of a Galaxy Hut/ Velvet Lounge/Iota hybrid; stayed up too late, drank some PBR and accosted a guy in a Ted Leo + P. tee, apparently they are in Denver this week. The New did a cover of "Hotel Yorba."

Then I came home and have been sick ever since. I still haven't seen Grindhouse.


Blogs t r e t c h said...

Find yourself a z-pack lady, cause we've got big plans this Friday.

the g said...

i'm on the upswing, i swear!