Thursday, April 26, 2007

Boundary Meat Writers Wkshp

Hey, remember how we started this writing thing? Yeah, me too. Heady days, my friends. Next meeting is Tuesday, where I am supposed to have my shit together for a story draft, and I do not.

In happier and not-really-related news, Gp and I have challenged each other to a Meatcake bake-off. I think we've decided neutral grounds on Tuesday night, and that the lovely members of the BSWCollective get to the be the judges of our culinary abominations delights. Here's to hoping none of you are vegetarians. Or Breatharians.

We can bring giant steaming piles of meat into Saloon, no?

"Meat" yr defeat. BY MEAT! It's on, Capps.


Re: this: the hilarious-because-i've-seen-it-7 million-times? Up Close and Personal. Pfeiffer's changing hairstyles - epic. (Oh! And Live from Baghdad)


ryan said...

You're doing the Post love story thing, right? Just write about two lovers brought together by their mutual desire to create the perfect meatcake.

the g said...

already on top of that. Catherine tried to gank my meatcake/love idea for her own story, but I wouldn't have it.

ryan said...

I'm going to quit my lucrative job as a lawyer to start a U Street eatery named meatcakelove.

the g said...

funny, i've already heard your meatloafcupcakes are overrated. well, unless you let them sit outside the fridge for the required two hours. which i don't think you can do with ground beef? so confused.

Kriston said...

Why don't you write about how much you love my meatcake and how you wish I'd make you another so you could wallow in it/defeat?


the g said...

i am so not writing a story about yr meatcake. besides, you missed the meeting where we already decided the first erotica would be about catherine and radiohead.

Kanishka said...

I have sent a request to my future mother-in-law for the Groom's Cake to be meat.

Screw this fondant mess.