Tuesday, April 03, 2007

private life of a rat


My chicken curry, while quite tasty as re-heated leftovers, is missing something. The last time I made it, I actually went so far as to look up a recipe for curry powder (hand-ground!) ( I shit ye not!) and then made it (from scratch!), but then ruined the whole steaming pile w/ the amateur mistake of using canned condensed coconut instead of coconut milk, which made the entire thing similar to eating... well, a curry-tinged can of condensed milk. Holy crap, so sweet. Bad curry juju.

This time I got the canned coconut milk part right, but used plain ol' mccormicks or safeway or whatever brand yellow curry powder, along with a few dashes of this-that-theother spices here and there and lemme tell you - it is lacking. My mortar and pestle experiment was far superior.

I tell you all this because although round 2 was a significant improvement over round 1, I still feel i am not so skilled at making curry. So. Also, I have just made my entire office floor smell like curry. YR WELCOME, office peoples.


Have you been outside today? Oh my, so great I am willing to turn into a hacking red-eyed crazy-coiffed decidedly unsexy Saraghina just to get one sweet whiff of pollen-thick wind. (phew.)

Nice weather we're having.

Gp put up his spring mix. Following, following, never leading, I was going to do the same thing and then, drumroll, my Ipod froze up. I have no idea how to fix this - it's stuck halfway between the "menu" screen and first instance by Earlimart? Like, split screen? And it won't turn off and nothing happens when I plug the damn thing in? Remember how my spring resolution was to curse less? So her einternet, have a soundless, linkless, pathetically abbreviated list of halfheartedness.

- Fortress - Pinback. This is on any spring mix I make for myself ever, I think.

- What Katie Did - The Libertines

- Smash Your Head - Girl Talk

- The Lovekevins - Private Life of a Cat. I swiped this from this guy, and have played it 1000000000 times since.

- The Vessels - Look for me First in Any Crowded Room

- Figurines - Back in the Day. I recently came to realize that the reason I love this song so much is because it reminds me of the Firefly
themesong. I know.

- Dimes Make Dollars - The Lilys

- Ellie Meadows - The Blueskins

- Walk in the Park - Oh No! Oh My! I think I've recommended this song a billion times.

(ALSO! White Trash Heroes - Archers of Loaf. Okay, this is actually not a Spring song at all, this is a Fall song. Verging on a WINTER song. But I heard it on WOXY today and I got super excited cause it had been a long time.)


Last night I learned that in the jungle beaches of Colombia exist crabs so large they will steal your clothes and beach towels, and take them back down into their burrows with them. Also, they eat baby chickens. I think I kind of knew that because Belizeans talk about "crab problems" like DCites talk about "rat problems" but still. Awesome.

Blink blink, off to go throw Ipod against wall.

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