Monday, April 30, 2007

really professional and in-depth movie review. okay, not really.

what one really wants is for The Year of the Dog to be The Good Girl, but with animals. Sadly, it's not even close to that. Why does Molly Shannon do this to herself? l seriouosly believe she is (really!) a great actress deep down inside, and Saaaaaaaarsgaard is just genius most of the time (seriously, I love Peter Sarsgaard). But ugh, frankly the movie was a big giant steaming bore and the kid that was supposed to be cute wasn't. Nice try to replicate Little Miss Sunshine, Mike White, but you lose.

Please note that this did not mean I didn't silent-bawl throughout significant chunks of the movie. I mean, I get a little nostalgic about my fish, people. I cannot even fathom such possibilities re: my dog. OH MY GOD NOW I'M CRYING.

In conclusion, do not go see the Year of the Dog. I'd make some sort of lame attempt at a "...while PMSing joke" here, but that's pretty fucking unforgiveable, no? Oh wait, I just did. Sorry.


tom said...

You're a Molly Shannon apologist? I don't know. I kind of want to like her -- she commits to parts in a way that's completely selfless and impressive. But she's got some really terrible instincts about what's funny.

the g said...

oh yeah, i agree with that - i don't necessarily get her humor instincts. I think her untapped talents is at playing a kind of sad-sac character.... roles she NEVER chooses. or at least when she does seem o choose them, they're in terrible movies like this one. If this character had been in a better movie, she'd be fine. but it wasn't.

poor molly shannon and her shitty shitty movies.