Monday, April 09, 2007

comfort n joy

weekend: stood in line for an hour or so just to realize I could mail all my passport renewal and name change shit. uggggh. got my hair did. cleaned the house a little. took 70000 pounds of clothing to goodwill. tricked the drycleaners into recycling hangers that did not originate in their store. ate fish and chips. watched tv. woke up late. watched more tv. went to costco. went to safeway. went to outlets (what? I know.) bought a shirt. Saw "the lookout," which is really good, and I'm not just saying that because I like Gordon-Levitt so much. the N smoked an entire salmon in our vaguely frightening backyard meat smoker, we went and apologized to God for all the shitty things we do daily, and then we came home with the fam and ate so much food my brain almost exploded. The N's grandpa flirted with me and gave me a candle (he is always giving me candles. it's cute. I don't get it at all.) The dogs wore bunny ears briefly before ripping them to shreds, and took naps in the sun. I said "don't mind if I do" to second and third helpings. Oh, and carrot cake.

Also, D's mom challenged a fat cop to a footrace after being pulled over for doing 37 in a 35.

I have a thing for Easter, its so weird and unlike me and yet damn, I love Easter. I think it's the bunnies.

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