Tuesday, February 19, 2008

my weekend. yes.

we got a new fridge; my spouse configured an awesome spectacle of a mailing container made of pipe cleaners and duct tape and recycled cardboard and dreams, here's to hoping UPS decides our dog-eaten blinds are worth delivering to the repair center and not a Unibomber or terrorist package; i went to a gathering of neigh-bro-hood ladyfolk where the topic of conversation was "what a cuuuuuute movie 'Definitely Maybe is OMG you must go see it'; the dog, K and I got stuck in a rainstorm near Great Falls after an hour + of driving around the greater metropolitan area because I couldn't find a parking spot at any "outdoorsy places", which seems... beyond pathetic of me (go to hell, roosevelt islanders!); i learned i am terrible at shooting dinosaurs and would have died immediately if stuck in jurassic park (dave 'n busters: teaching everyone valuable lessons about their survival skills. i'm talking about the bar and general cliental here, not dinosaurs. IF YOU CATCH MY DRIFT); i watched the N get strapped to a table while wearing a tuxedo and having his junk almost decimated by a laser operated by an evil villain; I went to the grocery store and made dinner.

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