Monday, February 11, 2008

Honestly, what's the use of having a website if you can't complain about things that effect one, maybe two, people?

I may have mentioned that I play pick-up football in the shadows of TC Williams on Sunday mornings. I am a simple man and I look forward to it dearly.

TC is located on King Street in Alexandria and is bookended on either side by two large churches. There is a third one about a block and a half away. Sunday mornings, I have recently learned, are when people go to church and there is often much traffic.

I have also recently mentioned that TC Williams was just rebuilt and large machines are in the process of tearing the old building down. When the demolition is complete, a brand new and environmentally-sound parking installation will be built in its place. I think it’s supposed to have a grass roof or something. In the meantime, however, the school does not have a proper parking lot.

Publicly, I say “Why would you hold a Presidential rally at a location with little to no public parking?”

Privately, I say “Dude, I’m not going to the rally. I was playing football. What do you mean you won’t move these buses until the speech is over? How am I supposed to drive home when roads are blocked?”

I might have stuck my nose inside to see what’s what but I was wearing shorts and felt under-dressed. Also, I was covered in mud. Eventually, one of the Alexandria cops was nice enough to move his car so I could get home. And the only other frustration that day was when I went to the grocery store and all the parking spots there were taken by rally-goers and I had to wait 20 minutes to find a spot.

My understanding is that the rally was a great success. While I waited for the buses to not move, I took several pictures of the folks who did NOT get into the school because it was too crowded. The queue extended about two hundred more yards past what my camera could see.

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