Monday, February 04, 2008

"and then she told how she stumbled upon the "night of 10000 stevie nickses" at an NYC at a club one time."

oh hi blog. i overlooked you momentarily, what with reveling o'er my grandiose superbowl gambling-winnings ($2.00) and my intense gagging while cleaning up a spread of rotting chicken parts the dog lovingly shellacked the kitchen floor with. prior to ingesting. BIG WEEKEND OF DOGFARTS!

I got nothing else for you. THe N's got the pukes, maybe a by-product of our house stinking like poultry rot, the dog's got a bloated stomach, and I came to work today because someone has to pay bills around these fucking parts. Oh, also, T-15 and S adopted a cat this weekend, she is cute and looks tough and we're all voting for them to keep her name as Griz. And adopt another one and name he/she Dot Com.

we're going to Pr0tland for no apparent reason at the end of the mnth - that's right, February. Send me suggestions, and not the Japanese gardens or whatever because - alright already and also - February. Think warm.

Last night, I dreamt I stole my own car.

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Norf said...

Check out the Shanghai Tunnels.
Also, Portland City Grill, on the 30th floor of the Pink Building. Go there for reverse happy hour from 10pm-Close.
See a show at the Crystal Ballroom if you can. Or a $3 movie at the Kennedy School (They also have 2 bars and a restaurant).
God, I miss that town.