Thursday, February 21, 2008

C'est un beau monsieur avec une barbe virile

Someone just referenced the gnome-jacking plot from the movie Amélie and even though I’ve seen it twice, I can’t recount a single other thing that happened. Luckily, we have instant message. Here’s a smattering of several women’s memory of the movie. And Avent’s. Draw your own conclusion on that last one.

Hmmm. Let's see. She's a frail waitress who helps people like her neighbor and her dad liked gnomes maybe? and had pen pals? and so she starts on some cat and mouse thing with a cute boy involving a photo booth, um, the end. I think.

Grade: C-

It, like, has no plot. you know, cute lonely French girl. Various vignettes...making random connections and helping out people in Paris. Along the way plays this sort of cutesy treasure hunt with a French guy they end up having sex and falling in love.

Grade: C+ (for remembering they had sex)

It's about an enigmatic girl and her quirky approach to life -- sending her father's beloved yard gnome on worldwide adventures, etc. but mostly it's a love story between two people that haven't met, and how they meet. He's a photo booth repair man, she's infatuated by photo booths and it's all very French and not annoying, like what i just wrote sounds.

Grade: B

A young woman who is afraid to open her heart is charmed by young man who has the same problem.

Grade: A- (succinct)

the french girl
me: thats the worst ever answer
she was quirky
i don't remember ever saying that i liked it
Grade: D- (I don’t care if its your birthday, that’s bad answer)

So there's this girl, her mom died when she was young and she's sad/nutty. She's in her flat one day and she finds this old box of toys and stuff that some kid must have left there ages ago and she makes up her mind to find the owner. Ultimately she decides to do tons of nice stuff like: she embarrasses the mean boss of this nice but kind of dumb grocery boy, she sets up this grumpy cafe patron with the hypochondriac cigarette girl and underneath it all is this storyline where she tries to figure out what this guy is doing getting his picture taken in photobooths all over the city turns out he's a photobooth repair guy. And this other cute guy who worked at a sex shop shared her obsession with the photo guy. In the end they meet and like each other and ride off on his moped. Fin

Grade: A (like the finest Hot Shoppe steak. Fin.)

Can you guess who's who?

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