Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Oh hey. Remember when I used to write on a blog? Me too.

The only alumni-esque pimping I ever do/a friendly reminder: MacRock 08. Usually I don't go and then regret it later, but I'm too wizened and crabby to have heard of more than 10 or so of the listed performers for this year. But I am kind of excited about Pygmy Lush. I used to babysit them I think. And "Naysayer at the VFW Hall" is just funny/great.

Also, I have not heard of 60% of these venues. Can anyone tell me wtf "Blue Nile" is? Clementine? Garibaldis? ? ? ? Where is this again??????

No Ani DiFranco ripoffs at the Biltmore anymore, illustrating I am indeed 74 years old.


the Nabob said...

Dude, I love "Punch You in the Face Big!" They sound like MacRock tastes.

Anonymous said...

Woah... they do sound like MacRock taste....BadAss