Friday, March 28, 2008

Wosrt of all, I recently saw that "emo" was the answer in a crossword puzzle

At first reading, I admit that I chuckled a bit when I saw that the Emo kids were getting pounded on in Mexico. But as it starts to trickle out that these attacks are rooted in homophobia and not against your generic mopey 16-year-olds the idea of a Mexican Quadrophenia is considerable less appealing.

I argued with the Governess that wailing on American or even Canadian Emo kids would still be okay in my book as long as we all understood that it had nothing to do with anyone’s sexual orientation and more with those ridiculous jeans. She countered that this was unacceptable belief system and that the only group that should ever get harassed by the Rockabillies or Punks are the Nerds. In my opinion, this is 100% incorrect since a Nerd is born a Nerd and no amount of reading the bible or lifting weights or spending the money you were saving for a telescope on a pretty blond instead is going to change that. Most Nerds have a genetic predisposition toward the condition (see the G’s Trekkie friend and son) whereas Emo is a lifestyle choice that most folks grow out of.

But that’s not the reason for this post. My beautiful wife got so upset with my theories of Emo vs Nerd punching that she suggested I look into acquiring a new girlfriend via the Unfogged recommended Crazy Blind Date website. And since I always do as I’m told, I checked it out.

But I’ve got a big problem with this site. Check out the DC page. That’s a beautiful shot of the DC skyline, isn’t it? I spent 20 minutes trying to noodle out where that picture was taken based on the relationship between the Capitol, the Old Post Office Building and the Washington Monument. Google Earth helped. Help prove it was fake. Or at least fake-ish.

You can see, they took a perfectly good image of the city and mirrored it so the text would fit better. They are fabricators and liars. And if they are not going to tell the truth about this, there is no way I’m going to trust Crazy Blind Date to help me find a new mistress. I’m just going to have to rely on other more upscale and credible websites to tell me where the best massage parlors are.

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