Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bring it back/that old-school rap

After leaving Jacksonville (the world’s dustiest non-Chinese city) last week, I was fortunate enough to be able to watch 2 straight hours of VH1 Classic on Jet Blue. Even better, they pretty much were only showing East Coast Family videos – Bell Biv Devoe, Boys II Men and ABC.*

You know what? The high top fade was a pretty awesome haircut. If I could, I would have totally sported one. I tried in college but instead it just flopped down in luxurious Shirley Temple ringlets. I’ll have to stick to ironical facial hair.

Fortunately, others are excelling where I continually fail. Check out what future NBA All-Star Brandon Jennings was rocking last night at the McDonald’s All-American game. If it wasn’t for the shoes, I would have sworn that this picture was taken in 1992. Brandon’s signed on to play with Arizona next year so you can start filling out your 2009 NCAA brackets now, if you want. He’ll be the one kickin’ it Jodeci style.

*I feel it’s my duty to remind you of the largely forgotten band Sudden Impact. They were the quintet who had a brief cameo (at 2:38) in the Boys II Men’s Motown Philly video. Michael Bivins signed them to the East Coast Family label but if they ever recorded a song it was never released. It’s almost like if Biv was embarrassed by this group of skinny, mullet-ed white boys with little discernible talent other than pointing in unison.


the g said...

jodecidal hotline is only the best song ever. i also think i still have this tape in the trunk of my car.

the g said...

i mean this: