Friday, March 28, 2008

the guaranteed winners program

Since i forgot to buy Thao Nguyen tickets, I instead slept 13 hours yesterday.

* * *

- Courtesy Drew: Les Savy Fav covering "Debaser."

- I was born too late and missed the following awesome things, like: Abandoned amusement parks! Sad. Although I did make it to Astroworld, which I kind of goofily liked when I was 13. Other things I am learning: Africa USA in Florida had a bicycle riding chimpanzee in a party dress named Princess Margaret.

And Dogpatch USA sounds kind of ridiculously great. Free admission? The "trout pond," where you catch your own fish and employees clean them for you? Best amusement park ever.

Also, a site dedicated to Chippewa Lake.


- This is a job that was custom designed for my friend Al who is instead wasting time teaching bored 17 year olds AP Spanish.

* * *

So I was considering going to kick some kids around at the Kite Festival tomorrow, but I think only if walking into the city is an option. The National Marathon, the fucking cherry blossoms, Midwestern states still on spring break, and the Os vs the Nats. If the city doesn't spontaneously combust by noon, it will be a Easterish miracle, just like Jesus.

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Drew said...

re: Abandoned Amusement Parks
we went to the Enchanted Forest in Ellicott City a few times back when I was a little tyke. In high school, after Enchanted Forest had closed, there was pretty much always an impossible item (usually some 500-pound statue) on the scavenger hunt list. I know some of the stuff is still there, but now the true glory of EF just lives on in our memories, that one episode of Homicide and in Cry Baby, of course.