Friday, October 28, 2005

Saying I love you/Is not the words I want to hear from BBRRRAIIIINNNSSSSS

So, Tom is taking suggestions for a Halloween mix. Originally, I had mentioned Bauhaus' "Exquisite Corpse." Tom, are you listening? Scratch that. For years, I have been waiting for the dead to rise and angrily feast on the succulent brains of the living. I've been counting on such an event to occur on Halloween, natch. I'd be much happier to die that way than say, in a bus accident, or of a debilitating disease. Zombies, that's whats up. Anyways - I think I've found the song that will make the dead MOST angry, Tom. Perfect for a Halloween mix.

Frankie J's cover of Extreme's "More Than Words."

Just consider it. SPOOOOKKKYYY!!!!

* * *

Here's a picture you would find if you were to spend your morning looking up "LLAMA" on google images:

I had nothing to do with Photoshopping this, it's just out there, like a gift from the internets. I love you, internets.

* * *

My officemates have recently complained that I have no personality or decor on my side of the room. Therefore, when I get home tonight, I'm planning on creating a collage of past Halloween costumes. Obviously, I feel this decor is appropriate year-round, and would be very impressive to clients. I'll make sure to share it with you. I had totally forgotten about my Margot Tenenbaum costume a few years ago. It was pretty spot-on.

Related, I have yet to actually start my Halloween costume for a party that is, err, tonight. And my costume is complicated, and I am a perfectionist. Crapdamnshit. Not boding well, mes amis. I suppose this means a potential Katie Holmes fall-back is in order. Sigh. Anyone have a copy of "Dianetics" I can borrow?

* * *

(Also of Note, File Under-Career: In between impromptu baby showers in the conference room and eleventy cups of sub-par coffee, the Governess and her coworkers have taken on the Seinfeldian trait of speaking in third person. The Governess realizes how annoying this is, and yet cannot stop. Also also, The Governess had the opportunity to use the term "fiery orbs of wrath" in a business email today.

The Governess is quite pleased with herself.)

* * *

Is there anything more obnoxious in the entire world than self-absorbed people who insist on ADVERTISING the fact that they are a Good Samaritan? K. and I submit not. Matter of fact, it's close to the top of my "Things I Hate" list.

1. Manheim Steamroller
2. Pricks who send me emails about what great people they are because they raise money for charity all the time, and want, apparently, A COOKIE for their actions, instead of just DOING IT to feel good about themselves. (I know, I'm being mean. It's a learning process with people like this. Baby steps.)
3. 60's claymation
4. Natty Light

There's more to this list, but I'm feeling good because it's Friday, so I'll stop here. The Governess bids you a nice weekend! The Governess INSISTS on a nice weekend!


Princess Sparkle Pony said...

Oh, wow, I am now prepared to accept the divine Llama as my personal savior.

tom said...

"3. 60's claymation"

What about the California Raisins Claymation Christmas Special? The moonwalking camels? Or the bell that couldn't remember his part? And the rest? They were awesome.

"4. Natty Light"

I can understand where you're coming from with this one. But you have to remember that even though we don't have much use for it today, it gave a lot to us in the past, and we should show it the appropriate respect. Just like Jesus.

Also, thank you for the Halloween mix suggestion. I think I will try to download all of these and secretly distribute them in a grand exercise of internet piracy.

The Governess said...

1. "Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer gives me nightmares."

4. No. I don't have to respect Natty Light. Or Southpaw, for that matter. But I do have respect for Pabst and the Beast. Unleash the Beasht.

the Nabob said...

the border on that llama picture looks like stitching. I'm thinking new Girl Scout badge perhaps.

I spent a good deal of the work day focused on my costume. I made several trips to CVS asking for all the cardboard boxes they were tossing out. And buying crayons. It was my first satisfing trip to CVS ever.

the Nabob said...

password verification? Wow, have been gone long.

The Governess said...

wasn't getting any more fun spam, only stupid spam. which means I had become less fun and more stupid, I suppose. help. I am glad yr back.

tom said...

"It was my first satisfing trip to CVS ever"

Then let me strongly suggest buying candy canes around January 10th. You can get them for a nickel a box. FUN FACT: if kept long enough, they will eventually become flexible. Their deliciousness remains intact, however.