Monday, October 31, 2005


My costume of kickassery went unfinished, but materials have been purchased, so you will see me next year. I will be the blonde in orange fur. I'm not even going to tell you what I went as this year, just kind of lame and last minute and tragic. The Nabob made a spectacular "Sean Penn Attempting To Rescue Hurricane Victims in A Leaky Boat, Wearing A Flak Jacket." Pics to follow. The flak jacket is real, and weighs 30 pounds. It's sitting in the living room, and may be the one thing the dog can't eat, although a valiant effort may be in doggy order. Kevlar breakfast snacks.

Friday, I drank some beer with a Killbot in an apartment furnished with Rocky IV posters, Van Gogh prints, and a creepy elfin Halloween statue who EYES MOVED. Also, I saw Feeney (Clockwork Orange guy), drunk and belligerent and currently living in Honduras. I had not seen Feeney since the spring of 2000, and he accosted me by the keg. It was simultabeously comforting and frightening. Also, there was a Killbot with claws for hands. Right, I mentioned that. Killbot.

Saturday, we visited a giant spooky house in a giant historical district that A & A are renting. It had chandeliers in every room. I'm in love with it's billion dollarness. Also, I met a guy who had just killed a porcupine with a hatchet in Vermont. You can't make this stuff up peeps, I wuz fascinated. He was dressed as Caesar.

Sunday, Marathon Madness! 30 billion strong! We were able to see a few people we knew, and yelled out stranger's names recklessly, but a lot of people we knew running were skinny white dudes close to 30? Hi, I have never seen so many skinny white dudes close to 30 in MY YOUNGIN LIFE. They were stampeding everywhere, and after watching mobs run for an hour straight, when you look away or off to the side, or at the sky, it looks like the landscaping is moving. Trippy.

What I did not do was go to this party. There were sexy skateboarding nurses! And Apes. Like Tom mentioned, I'm sure it was like being in Bizarro Cobrasnake; except that this Fight Club looked like more fun. Way to pull out the hip,

Other News:

I make a lot (read: LOTS and LOTS) of fun of MySpace. Yes. Anyways, when you go to the songs:ohia webpage just to catch up or whatevs, J. Molina and his little web minions is directing you to download Magnolia Electric Co. songs from...... MySpace. Anyhooos, three tracks from the latest.

- My car was locked behind a gate with a guard dog all weekend, and I ordered new glasses to make me appear intelligent. And my new Converse hightops came to my house. Classics. They are grey and spectacular.

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Anonymous said...

I'm the skating nurse haha, nice pictures, did you come to our halloween party this year? you thought last year was fun.......