Thursday, October 06, 2005

everything to thee

It's been a weird Phair-centric day. One, I heard that terrifying cotton-candy single on the radio on my way back from lunch (GREATEST HITS OF THE 80s, 90s, TODAY, AND EVERY DAY YOU FORGET YOUR IPOD, STUPIDHEAD), stuck in "OMG-It's-Drizzling-Panic!-Traffic" that plagues the Beltway on rainy weekdays, noonish.

Two, this news.

Three, 112% pure fun accurate.

She's your latest punching bag, sure. But didn't we all want it that way? So it seems.


the Nabob said...

I’ve got an uptight, button collared friend with a huge crush on the Lady Phair. As his only non-Clear Channel friend he tries to get me to back him up whenever we talk about girls. I don’t. Or I pretend to not know who she is.

The Governess said...

And that's exactly what I'm talking about.